Amanda - Bridals {Driggs, Idaho Bridal and Wedding Photographer}

Ok I know it's 11:30 at night but I had to just share this really quick because I love it! You can really sense her happiness and she just seems so serene and calm! :) So excited to do her wedding this weekend!

Cassi - 2011 Teton High Senior - Sneak Peak! {Driggs, Idaho Senior Potrait Photographer}

Cassi, is SUCH a cutie! And when I say cutie, I mean gorgeous!! We had so much fun together, and I of course had to add pictures from the best part of our session...she got ALL the way in the water!! Ya, she's awesome! :)

Neesha - 2011 Teton High Senior - Sneak Peak {Driggs, Idaho Senior Portrait Photographer}

This was my 4th Senior this week. Yes, I did 4 of these rambunctious kids right in a row! :) Neesha was such a sweetheart though! She was up for anywhere I stuck her! Look for more from her session soon!

Nathan - 2011 Teton High Senior - Sneak Peak {Driggs, Idaho Senior Portrait Photographer

All I can say is this kid is such a goof! He almost had me rolling around on the ground from laughing so hard. More to come from his session!!

Presenting.... The 2010 Halloween Mini Photoshoot!! {Driggs, Idaho Halloween Photoshoot Photographer}

It is now exactly a month away until this event will take place! I am so excited and hope you guys are getting your costumes ready! Notice that the dates did change from the prior ad I put out, they are OCT 23rd and 30th from 11am - 3pm. If you come on the 23rd your pictures are gaurenteed to be back to before Halloween so you can enjoy them. And on the 30th, your kid's will already be dressed up for the trunk or treat's that night so just bring them on over before! There are already people signed up, so call soon to book your appointement! And don't forget the $50 prize for the best costume to be used towards any session!! Hope to see everyone there and remember that returning clients and referral points work towards this session!!

Paige - 2011 Teton High Senior - Sneak Peak! {Tetonia, Idaho Senior Portrait Photographer}

I'm super busy right now but I HAD to share these! I was halfway through sorting through this session and I wanted to edit these really quick! And these were from the first 30 min. of her session! There will be plenty more to come!!

Macie & Emma {Driggs, Idaho Child and Family Photographer}

I had the opportunity to take pictures of these two sweet sisters! The oldest wasn't too keen of me at first, but then right at the end she perked up like had been posing for pictures her whole life :) And the youngest was quite the explorer! I basically just followered her around and tried to get her to pay attention to me! I should have know, leaves and grass are way more interesting than me! :)

Courtney - 2011 Teton High Senior - Sneak Peak {Driggs, Idaho Senior Portrait Photographer}

This girl was up for whatever I threw at her! We were both about to freeze our feet off for this shot, but I think it was totally worth it! :) I'm so excited to post the rest of this session when it's finished!

Kelli - 2011 Teton High Senior - Sneak Peak {Driggs, Idaho Senior Portrait Photographer}

I have a lot of sneak peaks of seniors that I will be posting! I LOVE doing senior sessions. This age is so fun and easy to work with and I love getting to know all the different personalities! This is Kelli! Isn't she hot! More to come of her and lot's of other seniors!

Sara & Olivia {Driggs, Idaho Child and Family Photographer}

I was so lucky to be able to take pictures of these beautiful girls. Sara is originally from here but moved to Florida so she was just visiting. Her husband couldn't make it out on this trip, so we just had a fun girls shoot! Isn't she just a doll!
I love catching moments like these! I just want to drink it up

Tara - 2011 Senior {Driggs, Idaho Senior Portrait Photographer}

Here are a few more shots from my awesome Senior Session with Tara. I get to see Tara every week at church, but I feel like I got to know her even better during our photoshoot. She seriously is a sweetheart! And so funny, I haven't laughed that much in a long time! Anyway it really was a great session and I especially appreciate her willingness to get into a river for me :) Thanks Tara!

My Baby {Driggs,Idaho Baby and Child Photographer}

I had to put this one up today! I don't always get around to editing my own child's pictures because there is always a new client's that needs edited. I love that little face to death! :)

Sneak Peak - Tara - 2011 Senior {Driggs, Idaho Senior Portrait Photographer}

Isn't she breathtaking! I had to give a little sneak peak to this session! She was such a trooper to get in the river! Stay tuned for the rest of her awesome session!

Kaitlan's Storyboard {Idaho and Colorado Portrait and Dance Photographer}

Here is a storyboard I made for my sister. While I was in Colorado I did a really fun shoot with her and wanted to make a fun layout for her! These are always available for design to add to your session!

Holiday 2010 Holiday Card Layouts

Here they are! The 10 layouts available to choose from with your family session (from September 1st - December 1st Holiday 2010 Special) for free!! And if you've already had pictures taken with me this year before the special they are available for only $10 which is about 70% off! I tried to hit simple, classic, contemporary and rustic so there were a lot of options, so Enjoy!
Layout #1
Layout #2Layout #3 Layout #4Layout #5Layout #6Layout #7Layout #8Layout #9Layout #1

{R} Family {Driggs, Idaho Family Photographer}

These guys were such a tight knit group! I did Heather's pictures about a month before I did their family shoot, so it was fun seeing her again and meeting the rest of the family. This family lives, I think, in one of the MOST beautiful parts of Teton Valley. They have the whole view of the Tetons from their front door and beautiful rolling wheat fields surrounding them. We hardly had to even leave their yard to find gorgeous spots for their pictures!

Holiday 2010 Family Session Special!

I'm proud to annouce the Holiday 2010 special!! So book your family sessions now (especially since it's already starting to get cold!) so you can get your FREE holiday card layout! This is a $30 value and you can print the card where ever your little heart desires! There will be 10 layouts to choose from (which will be posted soon) and you can use any of the images you choose to have edited from you session to be used on the card. And if you already had your family shoot before this deal, GOOD NEWS! The layouts can be purchased for only $10 during the special, which is almost %70 off!! So stay tuned for the layouts, start thinking about what cute fall outfits you want your family to wear, and book your session today!!
Layouts can now be viewed HERE.



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